William Perry Elementary School, in partnership with parents and community,
strives to create life-long learners
with the understanding that
we are all connected, responsible, and actively involved

in making our world a better place.

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WP menus will change a little this week as maintenance is being performed on a kitchen fan.  Tomorrow's choices are PB&J, Salad and Turkey Sandwich.

Update for Week of September 18th

Beginning this week, any car riders arriving after 7:57 will need a parent or an adult to bring them into the school.  A friendly reminder that Instruction begins at eight o'clock.
Congratulations to Mr. L's 5th grade class and Mr. H's 3rd grade class for having the best attendance in the school during the first two weeks of September.  They received a kickball for their class!  The first class to have perfect attendance (meaning no early dismissals, tardies or absences) will receive an extra 30 minutes of recess the following week, along with a kickball!